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 I am the Sole Owner of Norma’s Creations, I work alone in one of my two shops. I began a love of wood and making objects while watching my dad whittle beautiful figures out of wood. I was born in Long Beach California, my dad was in the Navy so we traveled a lot to some wonderful places. I always had a love for wood objects and a fascination of how they were made. One day I thought I would give it a try and found that I enjoy working with wood, working with wood is like breaking open a geode and discovering hidden treasure. I love beginning with a freshly cut “green” log mounted on the lathe and continuing until the turned form has reached its final shape. But this is usually not the end of the process. I generally prefer to enhance the turned object with the addition of carved decorations, varying textures, and/or the application of color. I sometimes enhance a turning by carving a textural motif inspired from plants. Or enhancing it with hand crushed turquoise. I view wood as a medium for exploration and not just a material that has a pretty grain pattern.

The woods I prefer to work with are often those rejected by other woodcrafters because of flaws and imperfections. Knots, bark intrusions, cracks and even decay can steer the process in unexpected directions.

On the Metal art my son showed me how much fun it would be to work with metal, it became such great fun to be able to create my work on the computer then cut it with a CNC Plasma cutter. I started welding things together and making fun things. I paint or use chemicals to change the look of the metal.


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